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Say goodbye to managing your progress on paper

NCEATrack is an easy-to-use NCEA management application that keeps the student up-to-date with their NCEA progress throughout the year.

It promotes self-management, and the desire to achieve as well as possible.

On the go? No problem!

NCEATrack is compatible with your mobile device, too.

Now you can track your progress from wherever you are. Simply download our iOS app and VoilĂ , you have your progress at your fingertips.


Track at your pace

Tired of waiting for your results? With NCEATrack you add your own results, keeping you up-to-date with your progress.


We'll let you know when you've got the minimum required credit count for subject and course endorsements. *


Add your weekly timetable to your profile. Synced with the NCEATrack app, means no more carrying that piece of paper around.

Level One to Level Three

Track all of your NCEA levels, as you progress from Level One to Level Three. All in one easy-to-use account.

Historical results

View your previous results, compare them with your latest results and find that trend of work that's making you succeed.

Safe and secure

We take privacy very seriously. Rest assured we strive to provide the safest system we can.

NCEATrack iMac

Why use NCEATrack?

Easy, efficient and fun

NCEATrack makes managing your progress much more fun and effective. Its simplicity is what helps students know where they are placed in terms of their achievement in the school year.

Built by ex-students

NCEATrack was built to identify inconveniences in the current tracking platform. It is developed by ex NCEA students and is solely focused on making management easier and more effective.

Cloud based

Being a secure online web application, NCEATrack can be accessed from anywhere and is compatible with your mobile device.

This means we are not just targeting iOS or Android users, we are targeting everyone.

Awesome new features in pipe-line

This version of NCEATrack is not the end. We have some very exciting ideas that we hope will revolutionise NCEA management.